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  • Account holder must have earned income (i.e. compensation, wages, salary, tips, alimony, profit from business, or profit from farming)
  • Account holder must file a tax return
  • Contributions can be made up to and including April 15th for the previous year
  • IRA's may be directly transferred from another institution into Centera Bank

Interest Rate:

  • Rate and APY may fluctuate weekly. Interest accrues from first day IRA is received. IRA funds are invested in Certificates of Deposit
  • Centera Bank's IRA Department can provide you with the most current IRA interest rate information.  To inquire about the current rate, please call your local branch or email us at


  • Must open an IRA with at least $100.00. We have an Open IRA that you can add to each month


Note:  Centera Bank automatically reinvests the money from your maturing IRA unless told otherwise by you.

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